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The 800k a month follow up

When the jobs report was issued on Oct 7th I cruised on over to the hashtag #jobsreport to check out the tweets for kicks. I was not disappointed, the clueless were out in full force.

There were the typical Liberal parrots touting how great the 153,000 jobs created was and how Obama saved America by creating 15 million jobs since he has been in office. All of which is nonsense.

I had my choice of dozens of fictitious tweets to reply too, but I decided to dive in the midst of the heard with my own tweet.

My opening tweet “Lib’s touting #jobsreport as a good thing expose their lack of education in basic math.” didn’t take long to get a response.

The first “@JimStables I know that republicans were losing 800000 per month when they were in white house, that’s basic math idiot.”

Hmmm, I’m being called an idiot…..by someone whose tweet proves what they believe is wrong.

My reply was “You just proved my point – there was only 1 month were 800k were lost & that was in 2008. Research is a good thing.”

I’ll have to admit, I was posting on the fly and meant to post 2009 instead of 2008, and corrected my tweet. Hey, I allowed mistakes, after all I’ve been labeled an idiot.

Next came “I know that republicans were losing 800k a month when they were in the white house.”

Wrong! Republicans weren’t in the White House when the monthly job losses reached 800k, and the only month where job losses reached 800k was in March 2009.

I was so nauseous every time I heard the talking-point ‘we were losing 800k jobs a month’ I wrote about the deception of it earlier this year .

The tweeter in question, realizing they lost the argument, or realizing what they believed was a lie, tweeted “You know Trump lost the election last night.”

What does that have to do with our conversation? How did we go from the jobs report to Trump?

The retort was typical of people who blindly follow others without conducting their own fact-checks; quickly change the subject.

Another common retort from Liberal sheep, when confronted with facts was quickly thrown at me when I miss-placed a period in my reply. The ole liberal logic

Which wasn’t worth a follow up.

The final one was the ongoing myth of Obama and the Lib’s creating 15 million jobs.

If you add together all the monthly totals from Jan 2009 to August 2016, the total would come to about 15 Million.

However, if you look at the difference between the number of employed in and 2009 to August of 2016 there is only an increase of 10.5 million in raw data.

If you really want to anger a Liberal – use this same method of calculation, and you could argue Bush created 7.5 Mil new jobs in his 8 years! Just be prepared for their heads to explode.

The labor force (people able to work) has increased by 5.7 Mil that brings the “new job” totals to a net of 4.8 Mil new jobs (18% of which are part time).

The numbers have been massaged by the slight-of-hand whereby ‘full time‘ employment has magically changed from 40 hours a week to 35 hours a week (unless you consult the ACA which considers anything over 30 hours a week ‘full-time‘).

The end result is the new jobs created are not the result of Obama magic, they are simply the natural ebb and flow of the job market, and would have occurred on their own, by the wonderful dynamic free enterprise creates.

The ebb and flow of employment can be twisted to fit whatever talking point you wish, but in the long run, the ups and downs have had similar cycles since the data been to collected.

The poorly publicized fact is incomes have been reduced to the same levels they were on the 70’s and will continue to decline as long as government deficits increase. Too bad the cost of living hasn’t reduced to 70’s levels.

I am more concerned about the blind following of Liberal doctrine more than I am about the numbers they parrot. You would think it would be more difficult to deceive people into blind, tribal loyalty now-a-days with the wealth of available data at the click of a mouse on the Internet, but such is not the case.

I follow facts, and the facts of my tweet exchanges with these 3 Liberals prove I am right, and they are either blindly following their party. They are dangerously wrong.

Don’t be a sheep and be led to the slaughter because of a lie, do your own fact checking, and adjust accordingly. Then come back and argue, prove me wrong!



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