Thoughts of a ‘Mad’ American


Over the course of the next few articles, I will feature a topic that makes me ‘mad.’ Not mad in the mentally imbalanced sense, but mad in the sense of frustrated anger.

Frustrated anger, the result of being old enough to see the big picture, which comes with age and experience, and fore-sighted enough to realize the end result of our societies current direction.

The Roman Empire disintegrated having gone down the same road which we as a nation are traveling.

I have no illusions of being a one man savior, or having all the answers, but I would like to offer some practical solutions to the problems we face as a nation.

Some may think my suggested solutions are neither practical nor possible, but I ask; is what we are doing currently working?

As a nation, we are heading down the wrong path, and I’m not the only one who sees it. The election of Donald Trump as president is proof-positive I’m not the only ‘mad’ American.

Mad, that our country is the way it is.

Mad that our government is guilty of gross incompetence, and we can’t seem to get rid of those in power, so the incompetence continues.

Mad that we are $20 trillion in debt.

Mad that laws of the land are not being enforced.

Mad that almost no one can afford health insurance while many receive health care that is paid for by those who can’t afford to pay more.

Mad that the news media has degenerated into a 24 hour a day outlet of lies and half-truths, which intentionally twists the facts into mind-numbing trash consumed by an audience who cannot seem to think for themselves.

Mad that this same audience has been ‘educated’ by the most expensive educational system in the world with the poorest results.

Mad there more people on government welfare than there are who actually pay Federal Income taxes, and many of these same adults have nothing to offer their children except the knowledge of how to get and stay on welfare.

My collection of topics will not be all inclusive, but they are topics which I have some ideas on how to change for the better. Practical solutions which would solve some immediate problems and hopefully change the long term outcome.

They will not be chosen in any order of importance, for the topics are all important. If you think I have left out topics you think are important, then I hope it will inspire you to put forth your ideas

If things continue the way they are America will become the next Venezuela, then our democracy will become a dictatorship if we are unable to rid ourselves of the buffoons who currently occupy the Congress.

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