Is Barrack Obama Today’s Jim Jones?

It has often been said “history repeats itself. “ And some who shape history are masters of deception.

Those of us old enough to remember The Guyana Tragedy remember two things; the name of the leader who convinced several hundred people to poison their children then commit suicide; Jim Jones.

And the question we continue to ask ourselves; “how could those people believe in this man so much they would rather kill their children and themselves than admit they had been deceived?”

But this kind of deception, this level of blind devotion, is still happening today. With the know-everything-about-everything-in-an-instant Internet and Social Media, one would think it impossible for people like Jim Jones to pull off that kind of deception today.

The fact is, the downturn in people’s ability to think for themselves is in direct proportion to the rise of the believability of almost anything posted on the Internet or Social Media.

People don’t think, and they don’t remember. What’s the point when you can just Google it?

If it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or the internet, it must be true, right? Isn’t that what so many believe? If it’s not the case, how come the stories themselves, or links to the stories, are re-sent faster than fire spreads in dry brush?

The rush to judgment, based on an online article, a tweet, or instant message, shows the absolute possibility large numbers of people can be deceived quickly and completely.

Deceived only for a short time, in some cases for a long time, and maybe even a lifetime. But still deceived. Even in the ‘golden age’ of information.

This is especially true in politics. Today’s politician knows truth is subjective, because of that lack of discernment by the voting public at large. No matter how big the lie they use is, it works, for the attention span of adults today can be compared to that of a gnat.

If they discover it’s a lie, they complain, but quickly move on to the next new thing online, never realizing they are losing their ability to think for themselves, much less engage in any form of rationalization.

Jumping from one headline to another on the internet is commonplace. It used to be called surfing the net. What’s it’s called today is anyone’s guess, but if the trending reports are any indication, those cruising the internet are becoming mental zombies.

If there are no attention grabbing headlines, then today’s politicians are all too ready to create them for you. This is referred to as straw men; created arguments based on partial truths or outright lies. Like the ‘war on women,’ etc. And how does the public react to these created issues? Like moths to a front porch light at night.

There is a deeper seated and more dangerous form of deception being practiced today creating followers who are deceived for a lifetime. Their deception is so entrenched they refuse to listen to anything that contradicts their beliefs, no matter how factual the proof is against what they hold as truth.

They are true believers in the cause.

Those unable or unwilling to come to grips with the fact they’ve been tricked? They were lied to, and they fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

You would be astounded to know how many willfully continue to believe a lie, or liar, rather than admit they’d been had. Call them foolish, delusional, brain-dead, or whatever it doesn’t change that fact.

Many people are willing to continue to believe and support a lie rather than admit they were wrong. Ego is a powerful two-edged sword.

How do these types of deceptions happen, and how do they begin? You need a central character, a Jim Jones.

A man of questionable beginnings, with a delusional mother, Jones came on the scene without much notice.  After building a religious and social network that could be used to further his cause, all that was needed was to get his foot in the door of the political arena.

Jones got his foot in the door by receiving an appointment to a local Human Rights Commission by a mayor. It didn’t take long for the radical to find a cause and a voice.

Jones’s radical cause would quickly rise garnering national attention. In a span of 18 years, Jim Jones went from his initial obscure post in politics to the Guyana tragedy. He went from a sparse following, to deceiving thousands, and ultimately led over 900 lives to their death.

Jones’s rise and fall, his deception of thousands culminating in a mass murder/suicide took place long before the internet existed. Well before Social Media or cell phones. How much faster would his rise and his follower’s demise happen in today’s world of instant and constant onslaught of information?

Jones’s beliefs found their roots in communist literature (like The Communist Manifesto) and by studying histories of men whose lives began in glory, yet culminated in deception and the ultimate deaths of their followers (like Hitler and Stalin). And Jones, like Hitler and Stalin dealt with those who refused to believe or follow without question harshly.

With Hitler and Stalin people were faced with 2 choices; follow or become victims of the cause, which usually meant paying with their life. History records the millions who were assassinated by ruthless dictators.

Jones, and deceivers that followed in his steps, realized there was no need of real assassination. They discovered character assassination was just as effective as a means to an end as was real assassination.

And he was right.  Today’s deceivers who follow in Jones’s footsteps, know ego and character assassination are just as effective as a bullet.

If you don’t think so, ask yourself this; how many people worry more about what people think of them online than the truth? Far too many.

Ironically, in many historical accounts Jim Jones is referred to as an “American cult leader and community organizer.”

Does any of this sound like I could be describing someone in a position of political power today? It should, and it’s not by accident.

The parallels between Jones’s meteoric rise to cult leader, and the rapid political success of Barrack Obama are, at the very least, uncanny. The shared similarities in their lives from childhood to college demand more than a casual look.

I will not go into all of the details of Jim Jones’s rise to Cult Hero status and the Guyana tragedy, for they can readily be found. I would encourage you to do a little research and consider the commonalities their lives share beyond those I mention here.

And the center-point of this article?

Barrack Obama is the Jim Jones of Democratic Party. He is the quintessential “American cult leader and community organizer.” And his followers are committing suicide. Barrack Obama has deceived the Democrats into killing their own party and ultimately destroying their own lives, just assuredly as a drunk or a drug addict works to his own destruction.

Does that statement shock you? I hope so.

The Democratic party of today is not the Democratic party of yesteryear. There are no more ‘blue-dog’ democrats. No more unshakable support for the working man.

Those democrats have been replaced by rabid progressives who only seek to replace the greatest system of government the world has ever known with a failed communistic system. A communistic system that has failed in every nation which it has been instituted.

Obama and the Progressives will destroy anyone who gets in their way by character assassination.

Let me draw your attention to a few parallels comparing the beginnings and lives of Jim Jones and Barrack Obama:

1.    Jim Jones was born to a delusional mother and Barrack Obama born to a miss-guided hippie. Both had a disdain, if not outright hatred of America.

2.    Neither Jones’s nor Obama’s father had any positive influence on their lives as children.

3.    Both Jones and Obama used ties to religious organizations in their young adult lives to further their political careers.

4.    Both severed ties to those religious organizations once they obtained a following of their own.

5.    Both held political views based in communism (Socialism is simply a watered-down version of Communism).

6.    Both shared a dislike, if not outright hatred of, white people. Even though both men were of Caucasian decent, they were racially against anything white.

7.    Both attended colleges and both received degrees. Since verification of their educational records are locked away, we can offer nothing of details other then what they received a degree in.

8.    Once their political careers seemed to have a solid footing they became all the more radical and outspoken. Even changing there positions on key matters.

9.    Both were excellent orators using their verbal skills to deceive others into believing they were leading them to the Promised Land.

10.  Neither would or could take criticism in any form, and would use the criticism as an opportunity to attack others.

11.  Both infiltrated already established public and political organizations, then twisted their charters to further their own designs.

Am I saying Barrack Obama will lead people to suicide like Jim Jones? Yes. It will be in a different form, but the end result will be almost the same.

Jim Jones founded his own religion, demanded of his followers strict obedience to the cause, convincing them what he was doing was for them. It was in their best interest. Very few escaped his bewitchment. Most stayed on, either refusing to believe the truth or so humiliated by the realization of throwing their lives away in pursuit of a lie, refused to leave.

Perhaps Jim Jones would have been able to destroy lives on a national scale if he had the internet and social media at his disposal, but thankfully he didn’t. Unable to increase his following and in the face of mounting criticism, he decided to flee with his followers to a place where they could live in his bent form of paradise.

Jones’s followers willingly went from civilization to a life of abstract poverty in the wilderness, and they took their children with them!

It is easier to deceive people today than in Jones’s day. Just look around and watch. Listen to what others consider important while you’re at the coffee shop or lunch.

Look at the top internet searches on any of the major search engines, or what’s trending on Facebook or Twitter. Look at the explosion of reality television. Reality television is anything but real, but the ratings those shows receive are all too real.

Barrack Obama has no desire to flee like Jones. He is all in, because deception is all he’s got. He thinks he has the tools and the talent to create his own form of paradise here in America. And he is off to a tremendous start. He has accomplished a great deal of change in a short amount of time.

How did he do it? Just a few radical, yet simple, steps.

Step one; (now that he’s in the national spotlight and in a place of political power), he created a loyal following. Created it by deception and coercion. Those who couldn’t be converted were coerced.

It’s easier to coerce people today than you might imagine. Having a fear of being found out or of being humiliated in public will lead people to lie, even break the law to maintain their public appearance.

This fear is multiplied in politicians, public perception is everything, especially now where secrets can be revealed quickly and publically on the internet, has caused many politicians to do nothing rather than risk public discretion.

Obama and the progressives know this; coercion all too easy. If you can’t take a man’s life, you ruin a man’s life. If you ruin the man’s life, you ruin the man. There is no need to list the names of victims of this administration. But there are many.

Step two; destroy your own party leaving the current members 2 choices; get on board or get run over. What do you think most politicians choose to do? Just look at the last 6 years for your answer.

The really slick part of this is building your inner circle, your most trusted, your henchmen, of people who can be easily coerced themselves because they are of such low character.

Why destroy your own party? Why not just start your own? Starting in a well-established party is the way to go. It’s far easier to change a large existing party than venture out on your own. Brand loyalty is a huge plus. Most vote along party lines, so it is far more advantageous to be the candidate of the established party.

Once you’re in, you’re in. Instant following by virtue of brand loyalty. Then the deception starts. Slowly at first, then radically, once your followers realize they either follow or commit political suicide.

Today’s Democratic Party barely resembles the party of 10 years ago, and has no resemblance to the Democratic Party 25 years ago. The shift has been so far to the left, towards greater and greater government control, the current party can be referred to Democrat in name only.

This shift has moved so far left, it has effectively dragged the Republicans (the right) to the center, until they now resemble ‘blue-dog’ Democrats of days past.

This shift has created a new political party and given new life to an existing one. The Tea Party is that creation, and the progressives are scared to death of them. The Tea Party was born out the dissatisfaction of the Republican Party’s shift to the middle, they considered it a desertion of conservative principles that would not be tolerated.

The Independent party is given new life. The Independent party has seen substantial growth over the last 5 years, largely comprised of Democrats who realize their own party has gone off the deep end.

Republicans and Democrats have taken notice of this growth and focus 90% of their campaign efforts on swaying this Independent political demographic.

Step three; destroy any chance of return to a previous way of doing things and former political ideology. This is accomplished two-fold; destroy personal and national wealth, and destruction of the middle-class. Once this is accomplished, two choices will remain; total reliance on the government or poverty beyond anything they are used to.

Barack Obama is already on step 3 and is succeeding in this two-fold part of step 3. He is running the National debt to levels that will soon be unpayable.

When the United States cannot repay its debt, it will become isolated from the world, traveling down a road to its own Guyana, to self-destruction.

This Progressive cult leader will encourage by deception, then watch while his followers commit financial suicide.

Did Obama inherit a National Debt of $6 trillion? Yes he did ($5 Trillion in actual and another $1 Trillion from ongoing government outlays), but part of the rapid rise of National Debt under Bush can be attributed to 9/11, hurricane Katrina, and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. (I am not making excuses for Mr. Bush, just stating facts).

The National Debt is now $18 Trillion and will be close to $25 Trillion by the time the next president is a year into their first term. What has the Obama Administration spent $12 Trillion on?

He’s had no 9/11. No Katrina. There has been no major investments in infrastructure.

The money went to capital cronyism at historical levels and an unheard of expansion of government welfare. Obama’s spending spree went unchecked because Harry Reid was coerced into sitting on his hands and watching it happen.

Expansion of government welfare at unprecedented levels and a lower percentage of workforce participation since the 70’s is what we have as a result of the current policies. Tax revenues are at an all-time high, yet we are still spending more than ever.

The second part of the plan is the destruction of the middle-class. For all the proclaiming of fighting for the middle-class and the posturing as its savior, Barack Obama is destroying the middle-class, driving them to poverty.

The middle class is largely comprised of self-made, self-reliant people. Those who love God, family, and country. People who believe government is a necessary evil, not a welcome dictator of their lives. They know government was never intended to be a wet nurse to the lazy.

The middle-class, the backbone of America is being destroyed by Obama and the Progressive movement. In the Progressive world there is no place for self-made or self-reliant people. Only obedience, only government, only rich and poor, with no middle. The rich are the government, and the poor are forced to rely on it.

Once the followers of Obama realize what has happened to them, faced with the inability to cope with the 2 choices left to them, they will surrender to government control of their lives (committing ideological suicide) or live in poverty under constant scrutiny of the government. In either event they will have committed individual suicide, becoming nothing more than drones.

That’s the way deceivers of the world work. They don’t kill you; they get you to commit suicide. They succeed because you fail. Fail to be your own person. Fail to realize that public opinion is a worthless commodity.

If you abandon reason, then you are in danger of self-destruction, and Barrack Obama is there to lead you forward……to it.

It my hope this article makes you angry, angry enough to think for yourself. Angry enough to save yourself.




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  1. I do not think anyone could have written or articulated everything that is wrong with our current Administration and Society as a whole any better. Thank you for taking the time to “think” and to post this. I will certainly be passing this along to everyone I know.

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