And The Clueless Award For October 2013 Goes To

youre_looking_at_the_problem_oval_sticker-rfae333590a7344c5bf5485eaed2b6f00_v9wz7_8byvr_512 ……………… all of us who thought for a second  that John Boehner was a leader, and that he wouldn’t cave in at the last minute…………again.

The excuse was he didn’t have the votes in the House to continue the fight. Why not? If you know you are going to fight and need those votes then you work to get those votes, you work every day to make sure you can count on them; you don’t wait until the last minute and try to get those votes.

If you can’t do the job, then resign; let someone else take the leadership role, which to me is a mystery in its own right. The speaker of the house is a result of the selection of the majority of the members. So the majority selected Boehner to be speaker, and yet they won’t follow his lead?

Let’s review what Conservative’s get out of this ‘deal’ negotiated between Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid – yes the negotiation was between those two – while Mr. Boehner just went along with the deal.

Reopen the government (and giving all of those non-essential government employees back pay) which amounts to a 16 day paid vacation at the taxpayers’ expense. Everyone in the private sector wishes they could get 16 day paid vacation, but it seems that privilege is only available to ‘non-essential’ employees.

I wonder what the chances are that those ‘non-essential’ government employees who received unemployment benefits will return that money since they are going get back pay. Some states will allow those employees to keep the money. Wow, a ‘non-essential’ government employee gets 16 paid days off and some will get to double-dip and keep the unemployment benefits they were collecting in the meantime. And the best part is we get to pay for it.

An increase in the debt ceiling – again – to somewhere close to 18 Trillion. How many times do you think you would be able to call your credit card company, already maxed out, and get a limit increase? Maybe once – how likely would you be if you had already had your credit limit increased by 57% in the last 4 ½ years which is exactly what has happened under Obama? Worse still is until February 2014 there is no official debt ceiling at all. Obama could spend more than the estimated 1 Trillion between now and then and no one could do anything about it

Sadder still is President Obama’s stated position on a debt ceiling increase “It does not increase our debt,” Mr. Obama said. “It does not grow our deficits. All it does is allow the Treasury Department to pay for what Congress has already spent.” Yes, and unicorns are real too.

They postponed deficit negotiations – until January. It’s déjà vu. Have you ever had one of times when you found yourself somewhere and thought ‘I swear I’ve been here before?’ Or someone says something and you thought ‘I knew you were going say that.’ The start and finish of all of this drama, time after time, is déjà vu.

I do not claim to be a prophet; but look for the same drama and same outcome when these ‘negotiations’ fail again in January because they won’t be negotiations at all, they will be token talks with no give and take, only take. The Libs have won every time thus far and Boehner has lost, so why would we expect the next time to be any different?

Income verification for those applying for Obamacare – well that concession gained by Boehner’s bums is a myth. The Obama Administration initially wanted ‘scaled back’ income verification rules for this year so they could swell the rolls of Obamacare signees (at taxpayer expense) back in July, but the Republicans pitched a fit and the scale back never took place. So the so called concession was a myth.

Well it seems Mitch McConnell took the bribe from old Harry and signed on. What was the bribe? A new Dam for Kentucky. Obama and the Lib’s get what they want, 400,000 non-essential government employees get a paid vacation, McConnell gets a new dam, and we get the bill. What a deal! Thanks John.

Because we continue to allow our elected officials to screw us over and all we do is bitch about it. Because we continue to hope someone else will get the job done, and they don’t. Because we continue to re-elect the same people who don’t put our interests before theirs, we are the clueless award winners this month. images


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