And the clueless award of the month goes to Rep Maxine Waters.

It was a close call between 2 elected officials, Rep Donna Edwards and Rep Maxine Waters, but we had to go with Rep Maxine Waters for her news conference when she boldly announced that sequestration would cost the U.S. as many as 170 million jobs.


Sorry Ms. Waters but I am hard pressed to figure out how you arrived at those numbers. I mean, since our entire economy only employs 140 million people, I guess the sequestration will not only eliminate all of the jobs in the U.S. but 30 million jobs in other countries.

The other amusing (but truly sad) item of note was the mindless people who stood with Ms. Waters in her news conference and seemed to behave like sheep in total agreement with her statement, which brings to mind the old saying “birds of a feather.

As I said, it was close, but we decided Rep Donna Edwards deserved an award for best lying drama performance for her ridiculous implication that battered women were going to have no place to go solely because of sequestration.

Congratulations to Rep Maxine Waters the recipient of this month’s clueless award.

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