Compromise on the debt ceiling? No thanks, I gave at the office.


In yet another beautiful speech delivered by President Obama last night, he encourages everyone to participate in a ‘balanced approach,’ that we should all be willing to ‘compromise,’ and ‘asks everyone to give a little without requiring anyone to sacrifice too much.’

The question is why? Why should we be willing to compromise at all? And exactly who is it that will be doing the compromising? Who is it that will be doing the ‘sacrificing?’

Will government employees be asked to sacrifice anything, and exactly what will that sacrifice consist of? Will they be asked to work for less pay or will they be required to pay a larger portion of their healthcare or retirement? The answer is of course no. They will not sacrifice, nor will they be asked to.


How about those living on welfare, food stamps, social security relief, or any one of a hundred government funded hand outs, what will they sacrifice? Will they accept a reduction in benefits because of the debt crisis, or will they even be asked to? Again the answer is no.

 How about the 47% of Americans who pay no Federal income tax ? What will they sacrifice? Will they suddenly have a minimum tax levied on them? There is little chance that the democrats or this Administration will ever levy taxes on those who pay nothing now.

 How about the politicians themselves? Have any of them offered or suggested that they take reductions in pay or benefits? Yet again the answer is no. No one has offered to make any sacrifice.

 So who does that leave? It leaves those of us who actually pay taxes. We are the only ones who are in the ‘sacrifice’ category. If we are the only ones who are to make the sacrifice, then why should we compromise at all?

 We pay the bills, we are the ones the country cannot function without, and yet we are the ones who are continually called upon to compromise and sacrifice.

 They want you to believe that the ‘rich’ should be asked to donate more. If fact this administration has demonized the rich as some sort of evil entity that only takes from the government and gives back nothing. What a lie this is. And yet it’s so easy for those who pay little of nothing to demand from those who pay, to pay a little more.

 President Obama recently stated he didn’t need the extra money he has. He ‘wouldn’t mind having to pay a little more.’ It’s easy to have such a casual attitude about money you have that you did not earn. And yet he is free, as is anyone, to write a check to theIRS to contribute to the government coffers. Why has he not done this? Because his sacrifice is merely words.

 Now that we have seen the only group that is being asked to compromise is those of us who already support this government, I pose the question again. Why should we compromise?

 If there are so many who will not sacrifice at all as part of this compromise, then why should we?

 Now we see who is being asked to compromise, what exactly does this compromise consist of?

 Does it consist of actual cuts? Where will the cuts take place? No one in the Obama administration has offered any specifics, but as we have already shown those who will not sacrifice, then the only place to make cuts is in those areas that do not affect the groups mentioned above. In other words entitlements are off the table. Since the entitlements are ‘off limits’ to sacrifice, what does that leave?

 We can cut the military budget. But the reductions in operations inIraqandAfghanistanwill not be enough to bring us into financial safety since our entire military budget is less than $900 billion. Against a $14 trillion deficit, how much of our national defense are we willing to give up?

 There is discretionary spending, some $600 billion a year. But is this administration willing to sacrifice this, or have they offered this as a place to make cuts? Not once! And yet this is the most likely place to begin.

 You see it’s very easy to see what Obama and the democrats are willing to cut, when you consider who will actually be affected by those cuts; nothing! This idea of ‘sacrifice’ is one-sided, which is exactly why we should not compromise.

 For you see they are not just spending monies they collect from us, they are spending money we do not have. Borrowed money. Money we have to make interest payments on. In 2010 those interest payments were $200 billion. $200 billion that could have been spent to improve the lives of the citizens of this country, but alas it is $200 billion that is spent for absolutely nothing but debt. For 2012 the interest bill is projected to be $240 billion.

 At the current rate of funds collected verses funds spent by this administration, we are going in debt at the rate of $100 billion a month.

President Obama said in his speech “To make matters worse, the recession meant that there was less money coming in, and it required us to spend even more.” “there was less coming in, and it required us to spend more.” for the president to use this rational for justifying his out of control spending, is laughable.

Do you truly believe you can spend your way out of debt? If you answer honestly, no, then how can you believe this administration can spend us out of debt on a national scale?

Obama’s been spending, and it’s not working. The estimated deficit for this year alone is $1.6 trillion. And what do we have to show for it? Has your life situation drastically improved in the last 2 years? Are there hundreds of infrastructure improvements that we can point to and say there is where the money went?

We have come to a point in history when it’s time to pay up. Pushing the problem further into the future will only make the situation worse, and much harder to deal with. Now is the time to let the ‘crap hit the fan.’ It will be tough, but it will be easier now than in the future. Talking about $2 to $3 trillion in cuts over the next 10 years is a pipe dream.

Let’s say we agreed to follow this $3 trillion over ten year plan; Logic would dictate that we cut the federal budget by $300 billion a year for ten years. But there are no specifics that follow logic. Their plan could mean $50 billion in cuts for each of the first 4 years, then a balloon increase in years 5 through 10 of $2.2 trillion.


Well in 4 years everyone who voted for this reduction plan will have served out their terms and be gone. There is no guarantee that the Congressmen who are in office 4 years from now will not alter the deal and kick the problem further into the future. Are we to take their word that they will stick to the deal?

Please list a time when that has actually happened. Not since Newt Gingrich was speaker of the house has congress kept their word on spending cuts.

Once we hit the debt ceiling, then truly there will be ‘shared sacrifice.’ Especially by those who have be excluded from it until now. Until then, the only shared sacrifice will be amongst us who actually are sacrificing now.

President Obama told the American people to call their congressmen. I agree, call them and tell them to stop spending our money!

We must not compromise, there is no reason to. They need us to fund this government, we do not need them to spend our money, and they know it.

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