Elizabeth Warren is a Native American?

Or so she indicated such in The American Association of Law Schools directory. Subsequently, Harvard considered her a minority hire, put her to work and never questioned her listing.

The hand picked Obama appointee to chair the new Consumer Protection Bureau with questionable, nay fraudulent ties to Harvard? Say it isn’t so!

The Consumer Protection Bureau is one of the center pieces of the Frank-Dodd financial reform legislation. The new Bureau’s states purpose is to protect consumers against those evil banks and lending institutions.

Yes, the zealous Ms. Warren would run the bureau with an iron fist championing the cause of the poor, innocent consumer.

Ms. Warren resigned her post so she could champion her cause as a Massachusetts Senator. Certainly being Senator would be a more lucrative career, and would open doors for future pursuits.

But suddenly she was called on the carpet by Scott Brown, her opposition for the Senate seat, about her falsifying her Harvard job listing. Listing herself as a Native American would allow her listing preferential treatment, listing her as a minority.

She claimed minority status based on the fact that her great-great-great-grandmother was listed as a Cherokee.

How does having a Native American relative 5 generations back qualify you as a Native American, and thus a minority?

Put plainly; it doesn’t!

While she cries foul, it seems the facts indicate she flat out lied. The noble defender of the consumer is alas just another liberal who thinks it’s o.k. to lie and cheat as long as it’s for ‘the good of the people.’

TheWarrencamp was all too aware that she lied and the crap was going to hit the fan, so they edited her Wiki page May 7, 2012at20:28. The day before the story broke nationally. There is no longer any trace of a Native American heritage or her being hired by Harvard as a minority!


The story has begun to fade out of the major media outlets, but it should serve as another warning that there is something wrong with the current administration revealed by their choice of personnel.

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