John ‘Cave-In’ Boehner


Well it seems that speaker Boehner has completely forgotten why the control of the House was taken away from the Democrats in the last election and given to the Republicans. Americans were tired of seeing the endless spending and the destruction being rendered on the country by a runaway Liberal president.

Instead of stopping the runaway train, the only thing Boehner and the house has managed to do is to cave in and compromise.

Oh, they have managed to send a number of bills to the Senate, none of which have passed. Reid showing the will and backbone that Boehner is supposed to have has refused to give in to Republican demands. Reid has blocked all but one of them from even coming to the floor for a vote.

Obama has managed to not only shift the blame to the Republicans, he has managed to lead Boehner around by the nose and get whatever he wanted. Sure Obama and Reid have compromised on meaningless points of legislation but the Obama train continues to run at full speed.

In a previous post I mentioned the danger of raising the debt ceiling. Boehner and the Republicans failed to see that danger.

By allowing Obama the funds he needed to give away in social programs and unemployment Boehner sealed his own fate on any legislation he hoped to get passed in 2011.

Obama and Reid agreed to a ridiculous condition – the “super committee” which most every taxpaying citizen knew was doomed to fail. Obama and Reid knew it would fail too, but Boehner obviously didn’t. End result- Obama won and Boehner lost.

Now the stakes have increased, the Republicans are in danger of losing control of the House in 2012. For we have seen the Congressmen we voted in in 2010 have failed to do what they were sent there to do. And I dare say this continual caving in to Obama will assure Obama’s re-election in 2012.

“Sometimes it’s politically difficult to do the right thing,” Boehner said. No it’s not Mr. Boehner! Do the right thing, stand your ground!

So what is the end result? The 2 month delay will allow the Dem’s not only to take their one month vacation it will allow them to form yet another worthless and pointless committee to try to fix the problem. It too will fail.

You should know that this bill wasn’t about a two month tax break extension; it has far more important components.

One of which is the delay of the 25% cut in Medicare payments to Doctors that is part of ObamaCare and due to go into effect January 1st. Obama and Reid both know if this cut goes into effect, doctors will be in short supply. Many doctors have already made plans to cut back on seeing Medicare patients, and most have already stated they will not take on new Medicare patients if the cuts go into effect.

The second part of this tax extension is another extension of unemployment benefits. When is enough enough? This puts them at well over 2 years!

Those are the parts of this legislation that matter to Obama. Obama does give a rat’s ass about the middle class. They are little more than sheep to him. The longer people take handouts from the government, the easier it will be for the government to lead them down the path to poverty and serfdom.

Yes people have sold themselves out to Obama for $20.00 a week. Doesn’t that make you feel proud, to have sold your future and your children’s future for $20.00 a week?

It must! Obama had no trouble in finding as many sheep as he wanted to parade in front of the media whining about those mean old Republicans keeping me from getting my tax break extension, my $20.00 a week.

Mr. Boehner you are at a crossroads. Since it’s obvious you are not capable of standing your ground and being a leader, step aside and let someone else lead.

Here is a copy of a letter I have sent to Congressman Boehner:

Dear Congressman Boehner

It is with extreme disappointment I write this letter to you. I think you and your fellow Republicans have completely forgotten what you were elected to do; do the will of your constituents!

You were given control of the House of Representatives to stop Obama from spending this country into oblivion.

You sir have failed. You have been out-smarted at every turn by the Democrats and have compromised, nay; you have ‘caved in’ to every demand made by this president.

President Obama has successfully shifted the blame for the gridlock in Washington to you and the Republican Party; he has made you the fool in public. On every occasion you have compromised your position sir and I fear that you have made the loss of control of the House a very real possibility in 2012.

I have never been more disappointed in any elected official as I have been in you. You asked for the opportunity to right the ship, as it were, and have squandered that opportunity. If you are not willing to stand your ground – to lead, then please pass the gavel to someone else who will before it is too late.

It is beyond me how every day, tax paying, Americans can see what Obama and Reid are planning and how they are going to accomplish it and you can’t. While you talk of ‘waging a good fight,’ they are winning the war.

I suggest you rethink your role. Get ahead of the game – lead and stop being lead around by the nose. People will support you if you take a stand and maintain it. You will lose that support if you continually cave in.

If you compromise (cave in) one more time the Republicans will lose the House in 2012 and quite possibly the bid for the White house.

You have 9 months sir. Use them wisely.

While President Obama enjoys his $4 million vacation in Hawaii I hope Mr. Boehner finds a back-bone. I’m beyond tired of Liars on one side of the isle and gutless leaders on the other side.


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