Katrina debt forgiveness

While signing into law a $1 trillion omnibus spending package to fund the government through the remainder of 2012, president Obama managed to forgive a debt that was a give-away from the beginning.

Yes contained in that bill, all of those who received improper payments from FEMA in the aftermath of Katrina and other hurricanes, 2005-2007, abruptly had their debts forgiven. $385 million worth of forgiveness was dispensed by President Obama.

Breaking that number down; it equates to about $4622 per recipient. The recipients claim ‘they didn’t realize they received too much money.’  I don’t know about you but if I was overpaid $4622 I would know it! That is more money than many working couples see in a month and more than many will see in 3.

To justify this forgiveness the Obama media did their best to find the neediest (the exceptions) of the group to use as examples; an 80 year old woman and a blind guy who lives off the government anyway.

To call this government waste would be a huge understatement. The fact that the payments were issued improperly does not and should not relieve those who received them (knowingly or not) of the obligation to repay the monies.

Some made an attempt to settle the issues by challenging the debts; some had the amounts reduced, some had they eliminated altogether. This is exactly how this should have been handled. The recipients had the opportunity to settle the debts through negotiation with FEMA.

Many more either ignored the bill from FEMA, with no intention of giving the money back, or opting to sue to see if they could get more. Both of the examples the media selected to use as poster children of the abused by the system fit into these categories.

It seems there is a limit to Obama’s debt forgiveness; $90,000. If you made more than $90,000 in a year, then your debt with FEMA is not forgiven. If you work hard, have a good job, or heaven forbid, have made something of yourself, you don’t get off free! You have to pay, or pay twice! Since it was your tax money FEMA handed out to begin with.

If that is not a backside example of declared ‘class warfare’ I don’t know what would be.

This debt forgiveness for Katrina victims is even harder to accept considering all of the additional handouts given away during the disaster. To mention one; FEMA began handing out $2000 credit cards to displaced victims; which many promptly used to buy new car stereos and such. When FEMA realized the wide scale fraud that followed these cards, they were quickly discontinued.

Was that included in the $385 million write-off or is that another waste?

Are you aware there was already a FEMA debt forgiveness bill for overpayments of benefits?   

In the end, the Katrina victims that were displaced to other states treated those states with such disdain and disregard, the general consensus from Alabamaand Georgiawas if another disaster befell New Orleanstheir refugees would never be welcome in those states again. FEMA or no FEMA.

The general attitude of these people is infuriating; “FEMA made the mistake, so I shouldn’t have to give it back.” Try taking that position with theIRS and see where it gets you.

When did we grasp this concept if you don’t work hard and pay no taxes, then any debt you incur or cause should just be forgiven?

There are times when people need help, and we should help. But if we continue to squander our tax money away on those who know nothing but take, what will we do when a disaster comes and there is no money left to give?

$385 million here and $500 million there, it adds up quickly; case in point $16 trillion in National Debt. Our legislators raised the debt ceiling (which I thought was a huge mistake) to keep the government running at its current rate. That increase was $2 trillion plus.

With a national debt that has to be paid by the taxpayers how can you justify forgiving some of that debt and ask others to pay it? Obama has been doing it for 3 years now.

With no end in sight.


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  1. The 90K per year loophole is disgusting. I thought it was “justice for all”. Maybe just “justice for those that make less than 90K per year”???

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