Obama Admin To Map Every Neighborhood By Race To Force Desegregation Using His Minions At HUD

The American Dream; some say its dead yet many Americans still strive daily to achieve it. What is the American Dream? The answer will vary some, depending on who you ask, but the most common similarity would be; having the freedom to legally do what you wish to make your current life situation better.

The opportunity to get a better job is a form of freedom. Better jobs mean better income; better income means increased opportunity to choose where you want to live, to move to a better neighborhood, a safer place to raise a family. Living in a more desirable neighborhood normally means you are able to send your children to better school.  Moving from the poor house, to middle class, to wherever your hard work and sacrifice affords you the opportunity to be is the American Dream in a nut-shell.

The neighborhood you choose to live in as the result of your hard work and sacrifice, for the most part finds you with like-minded neighbors who have followed the same path as you. They want to live in the same type of environment for their families that you have chosen. Your neighbors enjoy the shared environment and they try to protect that environment by neighborhood associations which set down certain agreed upon rules to those who currently live there and those who would seek to move there.

The rules most associations agree on are designed to protect the appearance and unity of the neighborhood by enacting building restrictions and the like, which protect the lifestyle of the area, and to some degree, protect the investment you have made in a residence there.

No one wants to pay $250,000 for a house, only to have the neighborhood deteriorate around them making their home, their largest single financial investment, decrease in value along with the lifestyle they sought when moving in.

To this point in our discussion, there has been no mention of race only social status.

The separation of groups of people by financial status is a natural result of the free market, i.e. the American Dream. If you can afford to live in a nice place, you don’t choose to live in a ghetto and you don’t want ghetto type people living in your neighborhood. It’s a simple fact most ghetto people bring the ghetto with them when they move into a nicer neighborhood, usually destroying the unity and safety of that neighborhood.

People in the same income group usually gravitate together because they share similarities in what they want out of life; hence they naturally gravitate to the same type or dollar value neighborhoods. The common phrase to describe a neighborhood is – it’s a $250,000 neighborhood or a $100,000 neighborhood. People know what you’re talking about when neighborhoods are described this way.

If you want to live in a $500,000 subdivision and can afford it that is your right, it’s also your right to protect that way of life as well as your investment, otherwise what is the point of the American Dream? You sacrificed and worked hard to get where you are and you don’t want drug addicts, thieves, punks, wanna-be gang-bangers, or any other form of deviants, living across the street, threatening your safety and financial investment; it’s your right to protect it.

Some would scream ‘discrimination’ at this type of thought pattern – but how is it discriminatory for people of shared ideals to ban together to protect those ideals?

There are laws protecting potential home buyers against discrimination. If people can afford to live in $500,000 subdivision, and there is a house for sale they cannot be denied to purchase that home based on race. It does not relieve them of the requirement to adhere to the association rules set down by the current occupants and most prospective buyers welcome those rules.

Now along comes HUD – it has been decided by the Obama Administration that in order to represent minorities more fairly zip codes must be altered to be more diverse in their makeup. You can no longer have areas that are all white or all black in the makeup, they must be mixed, and that by force if necessary. This time not by busing as was done in the 70’s desegregation policy, but by monetary handouts. By redistribution of wealth – HUD intends to take your tax money and fund a created neighbor for you the choice of which is based only on race.

If your zip code, your neighborhood, is found to have an all-one-race makeup or too few minorities, and a prospective home buyer cannot afford to live in an upper middle class area, no problem, the government will make up the monetary difference, they will subsidize what cannot be afforded and wah-lah racial diversity is achieved.

Forget the fact that you worked and sacrificed to get where you are, your new neighbor has been given a helping hand by the government, and given what you struggled for. And what was the qualification for this generosity? Race. The neighborhood needed racial diversity so the government forced it and financed it all with your tax money.

The freedom of choice you had, to live where you are, has just been undermined by the government. What good is freedom of choice in places to live and raise a family if the government can suddenly alter the place you chose by placing people in the area you chose not to socialize with? It is destruction of freedom by subversion.

Some may say that is silly; HUD remapping will not turn your neighborhood into a section 8 area like lower middle-class areas of the past; the government will not transplant a ghetto occupant to be your next door neighbor. In some cases yes they will. It will depend on the social make-up of your zip code. If your zip code is made up of affluent predominantly white subdivisions then it’s coming. The ghetto is coming to your neighborhood, possibly right next door.

Others will insist that my stand against such is racist and crass, to which I answer “it is the government who has created this plan to infringe on my rights based solely on race.” Which is crasser; forced racial integration, or my stand against such?

When the population sparsity of a zip code is almost entirely lacking in minority population, and land can be obtained, an even more dastardly plan is being implemented by the Obama Administration through HUD; entire housing projects are torn down and rebuilt anew in the targeted zip code. Suddenly racial make-up of zip codes has been altered just that quickly.

Most project neighborhoods turn into ghettos because the occupants have not had to earn their homes, they were given to them. It is a fact when people are continually given to; they develop a lack appreciation for what was given. Homes, buildings, and the surrounding grounds are destroyed because the people that live there don’t care. It didn’t cost them anything, so who cares if it’s destroyed. If it gets bad enough the government will come and fix it at no cost to them.

I have witnessed two such sub plantings of entire project subdivisions in my own zip code. Brand new apartment complexes with all the amenities, close to shopping centers, and in sought after school districts, built and funded by taxpayers. One of which was constructed across the highway from a $500,000 + neighborhood. The projects that were not sub planted were the ones occupied by whites.

To add insult to injury, one such project complex that was almost completely destroyed by a tornado, was rebuilt using construction materials usually reserved for very expensive homes.  It was an older complex and it proved cost effective to rebuild it rather than remodel it. What was rebuilt was lavish to say the least. The apartments now have such amenities as granite counter tops and stained oak trim throughout. Amenities most middle class Americans could scarcely afford where given freely to the new building occupants at the taxpayers’ expense.

I ran into one of the contractors who was involved with the construction and I asked him why there replacement buildings had granite counter-tops and stained oak trim and he replied “it was decided these would be harder to tear up than conventional laminate and pine painted trim.”

Harder to tear up? Once again, we find laziness and lack of appreciation for welfare being rewarded. If you didn’t have to pay for it, and torn it up previously; here we will give you something that is harder to tear up. Reward for destruction at the hands of welfare recipients is what three generations of welfare has created.

This latest government plan; the brain-child of the Obama Administration and implemented by HUD has only one purpose in mind; forced racial integration. If you or I, or any business, developed and implemented this very same plan, based entirely on race, we would be breaking the law and would quickly face prosecution both federal and civil. So how to you justify HUD’s actions which are in violation of those same laws.

This plan was formally announced by Shaun Donovan at the NAACP annual convention in Orlando Florida on July 16,2013. It was presented as a noble plan to rectify past injustices of minorities at the hands of the majority. However noble the presentation, it was a contrived justification for the governments curtailing of our freedoms. Ironically it was presented to the most racist organization today, the NAACP.

This redistribution of taxpayer funds in this mapping project by HUD is in the Billions of dollars. And while politicians and government cronies stand to gain, we the taxpayers only stand to lose. This remapping affectionately calls the new areas promise zones – the only promise is failure and destruction of once nice subdivisions.

We need to put a stop to this violation of our freedom to live where we damn well please and still have a say so in the choice or what kind of neighborhood we choose to live in. And time is running out. The hearing and implementation of this plan is to begin in September 2013

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