Obama: M.I.A.

Have you ever had the feeling something was missing out of your daily activity, but couldn’t put your finger on exactly what it was?

The last few days I’ve had the feeling something was missing. Nothing big, no major events, family seemed normal, things at work seem usual, but something was different.

I guess it happens to all of us who have busy lives and similar day-in day-out routines; let’s face it most of our life is routine.

I struggled with it most of the day yesterday, on my day off no less. As I contemplated the possibilities in my mind I began constructing checklists of things that I did and didn’t do thinking there was a chore I forgot to complete. No, that wasn’t it.

Was I supposed to be somewhere? Nothing came to mind. Maybe it was a TV show that I was planning on watching and missed the start time. No, not that either.

I was finally forced to shelve the continual list checking in my mind, because by this time I was mentally tired, and decided to console myself with the thought ‘it must not have been too important or I would have remembered it, or if it was, I’d think of it latter.’

My mental consolation began to wear off and I resumed feeling that something was amiss. I called a few people and text-ed a couple of more thinking chit-chat may jog my memory, or even provide a clue to what I overlooked, but it didn’t work.

The day was close to over and suppertime had passed, but I had an hour or so of idle time so I surfed through the TV channels looking for something to watch, nothing really captivated my attention for more than a few minutes, so I decided to call it a day, go to bed and read for a little while. I finally went to sleep with the matter unresolved.

The next morning, I woke up, moved right into my morning routine; a cup of coffee, get ready for work, drink another half a cup of coffee while watching the news;  Maybe something important happened , it was on the news and I missed it, no, nothing earth-shattering  in the few minutes I was able to watch.

Off to work. About half way to work it hit me like a revelation, I knew exactly what it was that I was missing, but I wasn’t missing anything personally, but something I was used to seeing was missing the last few days and it was just enough to make an annoying difference.

Barack Obama had not made any grandiose speeches the last few days; in fact Obama was conspicuously missing from the news. Oh, his name was being mentioned, Jay Carney was giving his usual daily question and answer avoidance. But Obama’s televised  appearances were far and few.

The progressives were defending their Fuerer’s healthcare dog, and the Republicans were busying themselves with attacks, and I-told-you-sos about the ACA (Affordable Care Act), meanwhile President Obama was only seen in a well-rehearsed dog and pony show in the Rose garden with a handful of carefully chosen supporters who were in support of the ACA (bet it took a while for the Obama Administration to find that many).

Missing were the Obama speeches bragging about his accomplishments, missing were the Obama appearances on The Tonight Show, Late Night, and Oprah Winfrey.

Missing were the Air Force One trips to dedicate another government funded, but failing, enterprise somewhere in the country.

No President Obama prancing up and down the steps of Air Force One, no vacations, no golf.

Holy cow, Obama was MIA. obama hiding

This had never happened before, so what changed?

This time it was bad, and there was no escape. The ACA website was a total and complete failure and the public would not settle for a scape goat this time, Kathleen Sebelius could have been burned at the stake (which isn’t a bad idea) and it would not be enough to explain away what a failure the ACA website was.

Obama’s signature legislation, his crowning achievement, his legacy, was going down in flames faster than the Red Barron, and no amount of oratory skill could save Obama and he knew it, so he went into hiding, just like the non-leader he is.

The Presidents own supporters, the major news outlets, even TV comedians joke about how bad the ACA website is. When the Progressives try and turn epic failure into comedy you know things are for Obama.

Three years of preparation and $650 Million for a website that fails the first day is a failure of conception and execution without excuse. And the website continues to fail as I am writing this.

However that is not the worst of it, the number of people who have enrolled in ACA has been so far below the projected target the Obama Administration is scrambling to hide the actual numbers.

Just as embarrassing is the number of those who have publicly turned against Obamacare, realizing they been lied to about the individual cost of this program. Not to mention the “you can keep your insurance and your doctor if you want to” sales point presentation.

If the failure of the ACA website is truly only the tip of the iceberg of a larger yet hidden disaster, then Obama may be in hiding for the remainder of his term.

Yes I discovered what was missing from my daily routine, it was Obama in all of his arrogant narcissistic glory making his daily ‘look at me, I’m so great’ speeches.

For me, the failure of the ACA website could be considered a good thing, if the only thing it does is continue to keep Obama off television every day, but alas it is not the only thing. Even if Obama and the Progressives came to their senses and decided to scrap ACA today, we would have wasted $Billions.

In the end I solved my mystery, but sadly it was a short lived victory when I began to recall what a terrible example of Leadership this president displays every day, and what a terrible piece of legislation the ACA is.

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