Obamacare Delayed… A Warning Sign?


Tuesday a key portion of Obamacare, the employee mandate, requiring businesses with more than 50 employees to provide ‘affordable’ healthcare coverage for their employees or face a fine, was put on hold by the white house.

While this seemed like good news for businesses, there is a stark warning in this decision that is being overlooked.

Obamacare to date has failed to deliver on almost every promise. To name a few;

“You can keep your doctor” – The reality is the medical community is experiencing a shortage in doctors. The passing of Obamacare has influenced many physicians to retire. Those who remain in practice are refusing to take on any new Medicare/ Medicaid patients because of the low fees and the blizzard of paperwork required to get paid, forcing patients who have lost their current physician scrambling to find another.

“Insurance companies will now compete for your business” – You still cannot buy health insurance coverage outside of the state in which you reside, and many states are refusing to set up insurance exchanges because of the legacy cost , so there is no ‘competition’ for your business.

It will make healthcare affordable for everyone- Personally, my health insurance premium has doubled since 2008. There are fewer people covered by health insurance this year than last year, and the number of uninsured continues to grow. The only people who have benefited from the affordability of Obamacare are the same people who didn’t pay for healthcare before.

We all should remember the crooked way in which this legislation was forced upon us. Many congressional members were opposed to this bill even when the democrats controlled both houses of Congress. To even get the bill out of committee a rino (republican in name only) Senator (Olympia Snow) had to be coerced into signing on. The entire state of Nebraska was granted a waiver by the Obama Administration in order to get that senator’s vote. A deal remembered as the ‘Corn Husker kickback.’

Let’s not forget the waivers granted for union members, and the hundreds of other groups the administration owed favors to.

So what is the danger in the decision made by the Obama Administration to delay implementation? The fact the Obama Administration has the authority to turn off and turn on portions of this legislation at a whim without Congressional approval should be a stark warning!

I am as disappointed as anyone that Obamacare became law, but the fact remains it was voted on and passed by Congress then signed into law by the President. But is there provision in the bill giving authority to the President to decide what portions of the law go into effect and which ones are delayed or eliminated?

While the delay caused some small business owners to breathe a short sigh of relief, those on the receiving will now have to wait another year to see if their employer will provide the coverage or just drop it and pay the fine.

Who voted for this delay? Was this decision even mentioned to any Congressional leader – no, the Obama Administration made the decision on their own!

Have the new taxes been delayed, or the new requirements on insurance companies – no!

We all know the reason for the delay; the 2014 elections on the heels of the implementation of this portion of Obamacare would be a serious obstacle to a struggling economy and a potential deathblow to the democratically controlled Senate.

There are no Democrats complaining about this delay – they know, 4 years too late, this bill is a disaster, the majority of Americans hate it and the democrats fear they will pay the price in 2014. So what to do other than shove the implementation date to a time after the elections.

What other portions of this bill will be modified, eliminated, or enforced on the whim of the president? In 2011 the provision for long term care, deemed too costly, was struck from the bill, leaving many elderly people struggling to be able to afford the coverage if they could even find it.

Wasn’t Obamacare originally proposed to us as insurance against these very situations? Of course it was, but the truth is those ‘death panels’ laughed off by liberals as a conservative scare tactic are a reality. And the coverage provided by Obamacare may just depend on whether the patient is a young potential liberal voter or an elderly conservative.

Obamacare was never about affordable healthcare, it’s already failed there, its about control, government control of more of our lives. When one man controls the healthcare of the American people and with it 1/3 of our economy; how is that different from tyranny?

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