Occupy Wall Street…tools or fools?

“Tools or fools…. that is the question.”

That’s the first thought that came to mind when I began reading about this group.

Reminiscent of the sit-ins at Berkley during the 60’s, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, despite their claims, is little more than a socialist demonstration.

1n 1964 the ‘leaderless’ students protested against the restraint of on-campus political activism claiming the university was violating their freedom of speech rights, because they refused to allow communist speakers to speak and hold lectures on campus, which of course, they had no right to do without administration invitation and / or approval.

This group came out of another liberal / socialist movement known as SLATE, which had long been a part liberal projects like ‘fair housing for the poor’ and the elimination of ROTC on campus, etc. Their protests soon morphed into protesting the Vietnam War, and other topics which had nothing to do with their original demands.

Instead of holding their protest rallies on public property they occupied theBerkleycampus itself, preventing the school from functioning by camping on the sidewalks and in the doorways on the campus. Property they had no right to occupy and interfering with those who had not interest in their protest. History records the outcome; the Berkley administration caved into their demands, and paid a severe price for their lack of courage.

This leniency led to other protests on other campuses, by other groups with different unrealistic demands, all wanting the same thing; to overthrow the way things were. They offered no alternative solutions, only complaints. Though they encouraged nonviolence, eventually the protests became violent and some died as a result.

The Occupy Wall Street protestors are not the hippies of the 60’s; they are disillusioned yuppies of 2011. But there are similarities between the two groups.

They claim no leadership yet they have a spokesman (just like at Berkley).

They have no obvious written set of demands, and they start with some of the usual covers; “all rich people are evil, and we poor working folks are the victims of their greed,” social justice, fairness doctrine, etc. We are gathering in protest, that’s their plan of action.

 So in a sense they are correct when they say “they have no leadership.”

But there is another group, pulling the strings and directing the efforts of the Occupy Wall Street group that knows exactly what they are doing.

From The Occupy Wall Street website:


“Occupy Wall Street is leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants. “

Who wrote that mission statement? Was it a college student? Isn’t that written in bad form? And it’s not factual!

They don’t represent 99% of anything, so who do they represent?

They represent about 10% of the workforce of this country, the union.

The symbol they use is the single raised closed fist (The Black Panther movement).

They draw a parallel on their website to the Arab Spring tactic (which I find extremely offensive). What ‘Arab Spring tactic’ are they referring to? To draw a parallel or reference between what transpired in theMiddle East to their movement is somewhat disingenuous.

It’s obvious that many of these young people have come to realize that life is not a bed of roses, that you cannot spend 4 years in college, graduate and be given everything in life on a silver platter for free. So instead of growing up and making their own way in life, they protest.

Let’s examine a week of their schedule of events, to see what they have planned to teach the 1% a lesson;

Monday 10/3

Rally with DC37 workers (The municipal Employees Union of New York)

DC37 workers are obviously being abused by Mayor Bloomberg.

Did you know the DC37 workers have their own employee housing program so that they can get grants for down payments for housing? Do you have one of those?

RALLY FOR LOCKED OUT SOTHEBY’S WORKERS (40 ‘art handlers’ who are union workers)

Teamsters rally

Labor outreach group (which is code for union recruitment and enrollment).

Tuesday 10/4

Open forum with Economic Update with Rick Wolff

Rick Wolff is a Marxists economics professor, who thinks the left is not left enough, and that they should be socialists who border on communism.

Community Labor March (Another Union rally)

Wed 10/5

National Student Walk-Out Day

National Student Walk-Out Day against unforgivable student debt and soaring tuition rates.

Let’s see, they should be able to go to college for free? I wonder if they feel that the staff at the college they attend should work for free.

Maybe everyone who supports or participates in this movement should work for free.

You can bet the union agitators in these rallies are being paid to be there.

Maybe they should camp out in front of the White house since the Obama administration has taken control of all student loans (a provision of Obamacare).

Maybe they should protest at the Department of Education which has never suggested or supported any reduction in the cost of higher education.

Thurs 10/6

Another union rally

Friday 10/7

Lawrence of Arabiain Wall Street: lines on a proceeding present”

Lawrence of Arabia was the name given to T.E. Lawrence, a British general, who united the Arab tribes against a common enemy, the Turks. So (roll eyes) one can clearly see the parallel between this ‘leaderless‘ movement and a British general who displayed great leadership ability in uniting the Arab tribes.

I think we all know who is behind this leaderless movement, the Unions.

The protestors of this movement are naive ‘tools’ of the unions. With their noble chant of looking out for the poor misused workers of the country, they feel compelled to say no to the greedy corporations, the 1%.

And how did they determine that this 1% is greedy and corrupt? There may be greed and corruption in the 1%, but it resides in the 99% as well.

So what is their solution to their financial situation; Socialism, redistribution of wealth? That position is lock-step with the Obama Administration and the unions of this country, so is that what they want? To throw capitalism out and replace it with socialism?

What’s equally ironic the unions themselves offer no alternatives to capitalism. They don’t engage in ideas on how to improve company profits, only wait for those profits to come, and then demand a larger piece of the pie. That would be fine if the unions ever participated on the other side of the equation. They have no ‘skin in the game’ they don’t share in any operating expenses, if the company fails they don’t loose any of their investment, they have none.

President Barack Obama said nothing about these ‘sit-ins’ that are soon to become violent, until Yesterday (10/6/2011) and then he had only empathy for the movement. I wonder if he has the same empathy for those who are trying to provide for their families but are being denied that right because of this movement. I wonder if he has empathy for those police officers and innocent bystanders that are sure to be injured as these protests become violent.

Nancy Pelosi yesterday (10/6/2011) praised the ‘spontaneity’ of the protests. Too bad there was no spontaneity; this movement was orchestrated by the unions.

It appears we are in a ‘leaderless’ country.

Just as Nero played whileRome was burning, President Obama tours the country, making speeches, promoting a worthless jobs bill while people are protesting. And it would not be a stretch to imply that this president caused these protests just as Nero started the fires of Rome.

Oddly enough the Berkley sit-in wound up dividing the social strata of the country into 2 groups.

One group would work to improve the lifestyles of Americans by invention and investment, whose efforts would be culminated and symbolized by putting a man on the moon, the other would spend their years wandering through life, looking for meaning and whatever was free, whose efforts culminated inWoodstock.

After Woodstock, many of the hippies finally realized they had chosen the wrong path.

Fast forward to today; the members of this group are going to be tossed aside once the unions are done with them, and the Occupy Wall Street group is going to wind up at their own Woodstock.

I only hope there is a middle class left for them to return to once they wake up. One need only look at some of the once great manufacturing cities, the steel and coal towns, to see the effects of union workforces. Union demands became so high the businesses of their employ either went out of business or moved their operations overseas, leaving behind a shell of a once thriving city.

It begs the question; are the Occupy Wall Street students’ tools or fools….or both?

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