Schumer’s Immigration Shell-Game

schumerIt seems that Chuck Schumer couldn’t wait to pat himself on the back for almost passing landmark Immigration reform. Landmark to him maybe, to me there is nothing landmark about it. In fact it’s just the opposite, its bad legislation.

Mr. Schumer, one of the members of what is now referred to “The Gang of Eight,” announced that a working bi-partisan deal had been reached and would soon be presented to the public.

 The legislative details of this “deal” have not been hammered out but the highlights are:

A deal had been struck between labor and business whereby a limited number of guest workers would be allowed to work in the U.S under a program called the “W-Visa.”

It would allow 20,000 low skilled workers into the country beginning April 2015 and then increase to a maximum of 200,000 workers per year while maintaining a 20,000 per year minimum. 15,000 of those jobs would be allocated to construction work.

“We have created a new model, a modern visa system that includes both a bureau to collect and analyze labor market data, as well as significant worker protections,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka in a statement.

 You all know Mr. Trumka, a loud-mouth thug who is the current head of the AFL-CIO; the man who was cussing and talking about “busting heads” on television during a campaign rally in the last presidential election.

 What is this “modern visa system” Mr. Trumka is referring to? It is the creation of a government department named the “Bureau of Immigration and Market Research” whose head would be appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate.

 Mr. Trumka seemed o.k. with the deal since it would “protect workers rights” and the Chamber of Commerce seemed o.k. with the deal since these low-skilled positions are jobs that Americans think they are too good to do anyway and these workers would be compensated at the “prevailing wage” of the industry in which they are employed.

Hold the phone! We have business and labor hashing out an immigration reform bill? What about the American people and the law of the land?

 Thankfully Sen. Marco Rubio stated the “deal” was not as close to the finish line as Schumer has indicated.

This whole deal stinks already, and is reminiscent of the failed “Gang of 12” which resulted in government sequester.

Apart from being leery of anything Sen. Chuck Schumer is a part of, this agreement leaves many questions unanswered.

1. Agreement between Labor and Business?  Who decided these 8 would negotiate an immigration bill for the American people while only consulting business and labor?  

2. Why is the Union involved in any immigration deal? There are no labor contracts to negotiate, certainly for jobs that don’t exist, so what is their interest in this deal?

 It looks as if the Union is playing the game very well; the Union will have a potential increase in union membership of up to 200,000 a year, while blaming the government for those lost positions once held by American union members. It’s a win-win for them.

 3. Since the Union has agreed to the basic number of workers, will all “W-visa” holders forced to be union members? And if that is the case, how many American workers will be displaced by these incoming workers?

 4. If these “W-visa” holders become legitimate workers in the U.S. what kind of benefits will this automatically entitle them to; unemployment, workers compensation, Food Stamps, union benefits, Obamacare, to name just a few, and all at the expense of the taxpayers.

 These are just a few questions this proposed legislation provokes while ignoring the real problem of immigration.

 This deal does nothing to address border security, which even at best estimates is non-existent (although Mr. Schumer will try to defend that it is based on some far-fetch metrics from a report on immigration), nor does it address the millions of illegals who are already in the U.S. 

What is does do is create yet another Department of Government which we neither need nor can afford.

How about enforcing the current law, before any more “deals” are made.

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