The great Food Desert Caper

Reuters published an article today (7/20/2011) entitled

Chains and Michelle Obama team on “food desert” stores

What a noble cause. Business and non-profits working hand in hand to build grocery stores in ‘food deserts’ so low income people can have access to healthy food to buy.

Who could possibly have anything but praise for this noble California effort? But the devil is in the details.

This is a $200 million fund that will pay for Michelle Obama’s healthy food financing initiative.  In short, the fund provides low cost financing for building grocery stores in so-called food deserts.

These new stores are supposed to make it easier for people to get ‘healthy’ food instead of junk food.

Food Deserts,” I have seen that phrase before. This ‘food desert’ idea was originally proposed by Barack Obama in his ridiculous 2012 Federal budget. I brought attention to this program when I wrote about the Department Of Agriculture in “The Audacity of Budgets.”

But since that budget died a quick death, the Obamas have figured out a way to go forward with this plan. But how, since the 2012 Federal budget died? First you use political pressure to force companies and banks into backing the plan. You know – extortion. Then you get back-door tax funds by running the program through a 501(c)3.

Extortion is such an ugly word, let’s just refer to the extorted companies as ‘partners.’

Companies like:

Walmart – who has been in the back pocket of Obama since he became President.  Walmart is in the grocery business anyway, so that makes sense. But I cannot help but wonder – since Walmart is going to build these new stores on a much smaller scale, will they call them “Mini-Centers” instead of “Super-Centers?”  Or will they just be Mini-Walmarts?

Walgreens – I have a difficult time visualizing a drug store selling carrots and tomatoes. But hey, they sell beer, wine, and smokes, so maybe it’s not that much of a stretch.

Bank of America – Ah, the price you pay for taking those TARP funds.

 The published motive for these ‘healthy food places’ is to fight obesity in poorer neighborhoods.

Even though an extensive study was conducted and reported in the LA Times, that showed access to grocery stores didn’t curb obesity in low-income neighborhoods at all.

The Money trail:

We start here: The California Endowment Fund

Michelle Obama’s partner. The California Endowment Fund, an interesting little outfit that has a 401k for their employees.

If you look at their financials you will see some interesting assets like ‘Derivatives,’ ‘Mortgage-backed securities,’ and ‘futures contracts.’ All of those evil capitalistic tools! In this little 501(C)3? What is wrong with this picture?


From there we go to California FreshWorks

FreshWorks is a private-public partnership (like socialism?) loan fund created to bring grocery stores, supercenters, and markets that offer fresh produce to communities that do not have them.

Neat. I was curious about the little tab at the top of their website labeled Invest. Following that link you wind up at

Calvert Foundation: They Invest in Healthy Foods for Low-Income Communities. How about that, all three groups doing the same thing?


Another curious little statement on the Calvert Foundation website – “It’s a win-win. Earn a financial return while lifting families out of poverty.”

So if you want to invest, you go to Microplace.com

It’s like a paypal investment bank which pays interest to you.

A $200 million pot that funds Michelle Obama’s healthful food financing initiative. “Which in short provides low cost financing for building grocery stores in so-called food deserts.”


Let’s do the socially responsible thing here and help the poor by building grocery store. And hey while we are at it, let’s all make a few bucks, and do it all under the guise of a 501(c)3 nonprofit org. so we don’t have to pay taxes on our earnings.

I’m really sick of these phony scams being run under the guise of helping the poor for their own good. And for the First Lady to spearhead this socialistic effort is a disgrace.

More to come on this, for sure.

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