The New DNC Chair

Debbie Wasserman Schultz takes the reigns on May 4th as head of the DNC.

She is ready to go, with a war chest filled with cash, conveniently filled before her taking the reigns, putting her in a position to not accept anymore funds for her personal campaign. But ready to raise more for the Obama re-election campaign.

Listening to Mrs. Schultz, I had a mental picture of her practicing her lock-step with other Obama clones before being released in the wild.  For her first mission in enemy territory as the new DNC chair she gave a short interview on Fox & Friends on May 6th, lauding the great economic leadership of Barack Obama. During the interview her responses were the same meaningless cookie-cutter quotes we continually hear from the rest of the Obama clonery. To mention a few;

“Laser focused on the economy”.

Obama’s laser focus is more like a shotgun blast; he keeps firing and hope something hits the target.

“President Obama has been able to turn the economy around”.

Is it turned around? Really? I must have missed it. Did it start with that joke of a Stimulus Bill? Or could it be that the free market has managed to survive and slowly grow even with the hindrance of the Obama Administration? The later I think.

“Stopped the bleeding of the loss of thousands of jobs”.

Too bad that the unemployment rate jumped to 10% and jobless benefits had to be extended for almost 2 years. Not to mention private sector jobs were being lost faster than government jobs could be created.

“And 13 straight months of private sector job growth”.

According to what measurement? It seems they are all different.

The Unemployment rate (according to government figures was 7.1% 12/2008. And now stands at 9.2% as of 03/11.  

So the private sector job growth is what again? Excluding the recent McDonalds hires I mean.

One site reports:

“The nation’s unemployment rate ticked up to 9 percent last month despite strong growth of 244,000 in new jobs, the Labor Department reported Friday morning”.

Another site reports:

“Employers added 185,000 workers to payrolls in April, fewer than in the prior month, and the unemployment rate held at 8.8 percent, economists project a Labor Department report to show tomorrow”.

But then:

“The number of initial claims rose to 474,000 in the week ended April 30, up 43,000 from the week before. It was the highest level since August, and a surprise to economists,”.

So we added 244,000 jobs. But 474,000 lost their jobs.

So that’s a net gain of how many jobs? Well, surprisingly enough it’s a loss of 230,000 jobs. Maybe that’s why the unemployment rate “ticked up”.

All of these statistics were posted within a week.

One has to question the validity of the “13 months of private sector job growth”.

Boy, I sure am glad we had that Stimulus bill, so the unemployment rate wouldn’t go past 8%. Oh, wait.

Quickly wanting to cover the entire Obama laser like focus group, she switched to energy.

“Oil imports are at lowest point”. And “Most domestic oil production has increased”.

How about that! Problem is these trends began in 2005 according to theoildrum.com .

Cool isn’t it, being able to take credit for something they didn’t do. Of course that is nothing new for Obama.

Let’s not forget “Americans are using less oil”.

Well duh! Vehicles have become more fuel efficient, by standards set long before Obama was even in Congress. Engineering improvements that have been going on for a decade or more have contributed to “Americans using less oil”.

A quote from theoildrum.com website:

“Part of the reason that oil imports can be down so much is that the consumption of oil products is lower, because of recession (tied at least in part to high oil prices)”. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

Maybe “Americans are using less oil” because housing and commercial structures have become more efficient, all without Barak’s help. But now he sees an opportunity to use this niche to create those ‘green jobs’.

Those Ridiculous oil subsidies”.

Sure lets go ahead and kill those evil oil subsidies. There is a little problem with. One, eliminating those subsidies, will kill exploration by smaller independent oil companies as well as the big boys. The big boys won’t feel it, but the small companies will.

The subsidies amount to $4 billion a year. Cut the subsidies and guess who’s going to pay? You and I will, at the pump. Companies do not just absorb tax increases, and then pass them on. If it’s no longer profitable to explore for oil here, they will look abroad creating more imports.

How much tax do those evil oil companies pay every year?

Blaming the continuance of those ridiculous subsidies on the

“Republican controlled congress”.

 BWWWWWhhhhhaaaaaaaa. Let’s see the Republicans took control of the House in Jan 2011. The Dem’s still control the Senate. Before Jan 2011 they’ve controlled both houses since 2006. Obama takes office in Jan 2009. Between Jan 2006 until Jan 2011, the democratically controlled Congress had every opportunity to get those evil oil company subsidies.

Why the push now?

Hey Debbie Wasserman Schultz, congratulations on becoming head of the DNC. Keep reciting those Obama quotes and keep that goose-step routine going, you will go far.

But one must wonder, since you sound so much like an Obama administration clone, do you represent the Democratic Party, or just Obama?

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