The Obama pamphlet 1991

Rarely do I dedicate an entire post to an article, but this is one of those rare times.



This article supports what I have been saying for quite some time; that Barrack Obama is a narcissistic liar! He will say anything to promote himself in the eyes of the public. His tale-telling goes from embellishment of the facts to flat out lying.

 Obama shows no fear from putting fairy tales in print, in the books he has authored, to verbally claiming to have a part in something which he had to connection to at all (i.e. the Civil Rights march in Selma, AL).

People were ready to hang President Nixon for lying, and more recently, willing to impeach President Clinton for lying about a sexual encounter, yet President Obama seems to get a pass on anything he says.


Unbelievable that the media has not held President Obama to account, and the people of this country are willing to believe everything this man says without research or consequence.

The article is worth the read!

My hat is off to Ben Shapiro @ breitbart.com

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