The American Jobs Act

Obama’s “American Jobs Act” is the second worst piece of legislation this administration has ever put forth.

Not only is this bad legislation, it borders on criminal!

For those of you who would consider any part of this piece of trash worthy of consideration, I have a question for you: If this is such a great bill why is the President flying all over the country trying so hard to sell it?

When the President began his little sales pitch at a Union rally last week, he was acting more like a game show host than a President.

He transitioned from games how host to snake oil salesman in less than a week. Calling a joint session of Congress to announce this bill was humorous enough. But when he bought his posse with him as a cheering section, the whole ordeal went from humorous to down right insulting.

One noteworthy member of his ‘posse’ was the notorious Jeffrey Immelt, his Jobs Tsar. The same Jeffery Immelt who sent 30,000 jobs to China and who’s company, GE, is in talks with China to build jet engines, which will not only transfer more jobs to China, but technology as well.

This bill contains some of the same old crap that the stimulus bill did:

$30 billion to modernize schools (Money for Education, what a surprise).

$50 billion for Infrastructure (Will these be shovel ready jobs?) The snake oil part of this little hat trick is $50 billion represents the taxpayer portion of a $105 billion package. The other $55 billion is to come from some private sector investment bank.

It’s a shell game just like “Food Deserts.”

$35 Billion to protect against “Teacher and Firefighter Layoffs:”

This president and liberals in general, need to stop including teachers in the same group as firefighters and police. They are completely different. So you can bet this $35 Billion is for TEACHER RETIREMENT FUNDING.

$49 Billion for long term unemployment: The current length of ‘long term’ unemployment is at 112 weeks. Now I ask how many more weeks is this going to extend the benefit.

When is enough, enough? This benefit has been extended past 2 years, will it be 3 years? Will it be 4 years?

And how many jobs will this create, even if it is supposed to be funding for retraining? Not a single private sector job! It may create more jobs in the failing education system, but nothing in the private sector.

 To deny this is a stimulus part II is denying the obvious!

 The criminal portion of this legislation (which by the way is referred to as the centerpiece) is it’s assault on Social Security. One of the last remaining assets we have, and this President wants to essentially de-fund the program.

 A program that is just barely hanging on as it is, and he wants to cut the funding in half.

We have been warned that Social Security will become insolvent by 2025 and this legislation will accelerate that date ever sooner.

Maybe that’s what President Obama wants, to destroy every asset this country has left.

Cuts in Social Security revenue will NOT inspire employers to hire more workers. Businesses do not react to temporary knee-jerk policy moves; they look for long term policy.

You should remember on Aug 2nd, when this president stated I cannot guarantee that those (Social Security) checks go out on August 3rd,” during the debt ceiling debate. Yet suddenly Social Security is in such great financial shape that it can withstand a 45% funding reduction?

How long is this president going to be able to guarantee that those checks going to go out with funding cuts?

Strange that the liberal media has let this section of this bill go without attention. I guess it’s o.k. if President Obama wrecks Social Security.

One really ironic part of this snake oil salesman’s plan is those who would benefit the most from this cut in Social Security taxes are those evil rich people that make over $250,000 per year. They would save an average of $2100.00 as a result of these tax cuts, bringing their annual tax savings to around $6,572.

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Middleclass, your president is telling you one thing and stealing your future all at the same time!

But he is going to try to convince you that “there is something in this bill to satisfy everyone” by giving all workers a 3.1 percent tax cut. 

More money for every worker! Who-rah! If we estimate that every working family will get $1500 tax break.

Not to diminish the importance of $1500 for a working family in this economy, but it’s the premise of the whole idea that if you give families $1500 they are supposed to spend that money, thereby creating jobs for the goods and services provided that’s preposterous.

O.K. Say you get the $1500 and spend it, then what? This tax break is only good for the remainder of this year and 2012.

This tax break is estimated to cost $175 billion. That’s right cost!

How is he going to pay for $447 billion bill? Truth is, he cannot. We cannot afford it.

He is planning on limiting itemized deductions and donations to charity by those making over $200,000 a year.

So he is going to give those making over $200,000 a tax reduction, then raise taxes by eliminating deductions.

What the hell kind of sense does that make? I guess the same kind of sense that is going to recoup $405 of the $447 billion with this little plan.

He is planning on recovering $41 billion by closing tax loopholes for oil and gas companies. Which in reality are tax credits, not loopholes. You know, penalize the industries that generate the most tax revenue.

And guess who is going to wind up paying for the reduction in oil company profits. That will be passed on to the consumer.

Somehow he is going to get an $18 billion recovery from money fund managers. Just how many find managers are there anyway? Enough fund managers to recoup $18 billion in tax revenue?

And of course $3 billion from those evil rich people and their corporate jet tax breaks. How much could we save if this snake oil salesman of a president didn’t fly Air Force One all over theU.S.fundraising and selling this jobs bill?

We just increased the debt ceiling by $1.2 trillion to cover this administrations give away programs, and now President Obama wants to increase it another $447 billion?

This is financial suicide. The Debt Reduction Commission already has to figure out a way to trim $1.2 trillion in spending over the next 10 years and Obama wants to add another $447 billion to that task.

This whole bill reeks of stupidity, represents an attack on Social Security, and is nothing more than robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Please contact your Senators and Representatives and tell them to kill this bill!

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