What’s good for the goose…

President Obama has proved the old adage, ‘What’s good for the goose is good for the gander’, once again, to be false.

He did so by declaring war on Libya, without Congressional approval, announcing it after the fact, and seemly, without repercussion from the media.

How did his actions disprove the old saying? I’ll answer that question with a question- ask yourself this; If former President Bush had done this, how do you think the Congress and the media would react?

The Democratic leaders in Congress would most certainly be calling for impeachment. Bush would’ve been lambasted day and night by the Liberal media. Even, then Congressman Obama, would have criticized the air strikes on Libya like he did every effort in Iraq. But the Obama media is labeling the war on Libya a ‘humanitarian effort’. 

What’s good for the goose is no longer good for the gander. Bush would have been crucified if he was president, but Obama can plan and carry out air strikes on Libya with NATO and its media justified, because now he’s the goose..

Do you not find it insulting, that this President announces the air strikes after the fact, from a podium in foreign country, in an attitude that is nothing short of arrogant? Did Libya suddenly become a threat to national security? Since the Latin America tour was not postponed, must not have been much of a threat.

With his usual “Let’s be clear on this” highlight speech, he proclaimed ‘that the Libyan leader has to go, and we were doing the right thing to protect the innocent civilians (rebels) of that country’. Did he just come to that conclusion in the last week?

Qaddafi needed to go years ago, and everyone knows it. Libya did not just become a threat to our national security and/or interest, yet that is exactly the loop-hole (the war powers act) Obama used to go to war with Libya.

The whole affair leaves many unanswered questions;

Are we in charge?

When we stop the air assault, will another country take over?

Who will that be?

What will happen to the Libyans, if Qaddafi’s stays in power, and no country or coalition continues the air campaign?

How long will this campaign last?

 Even if we stop the air strikes today, what will we have accomplished? Will we have protected anyone? Was the Libyan air force the only threat to the civilian population? Any military commander will tell you, you cannot effectively protect rebels, civilians, or whatever you want to call them by an air assault alone. The President has as well as promised there would be no ground forces. For how long is the question?

President Obama’s total lack of foreign policy skills, first evident when he gave The Queen of England an IPOD as a gift, has continued at the same amateurish level right up until now. It’s as if he has learned nothing in the last two years. His foreign policy is beginning to make Carter look like a genius.

 Now he is trying in desperation to get out of this conflict, realizing that his very own base is turning on him. His answer – turn over command of the operation to someone else before the Liberal media turns on him as well. Like who? NATO. That won’t work. It takes a unanimous vote by NATO members to take over. And even if NATO agrees, who in NATO is going to assume the lead?

 Germany? No way. England? Doubtful. France? Please. How about Canada? Even if another country assumes the commanding role, the leading nation is still going to want the U.S. to be involved. Is that what we want, U.S. forces under the command of another nation? I think not.

I’m not sure even the teleprompter can get him out of this one. Iranian citizens tried to overthrow their oppressive leaders, and Obama stood on the sidelines only throwing out a few empty statements. He blew the perfect opportunity to end Iran’s threat to the entire region, twice.

Egypt successfully effected a change in their nations leadership, and again Obama did nothing more than talk. The position he took during the change in Egypt was weak and inconsistent. Much like the apology tour he embarked on two years ago. Is the leadership change in Egypt for the better or for the worse? We don’t know yet. Do we even know who they are?

We are seeing similar uprisings in Yemen, Syria, and other places, with similar do-nothing responses by this administration. Yet he chooses Libya to make an effort in repression relief. He chose, what he thought was an easy target, and stepped in it. If he gets out of Libya as fast as he got out of GTMO, we will be there a long time.

You know it has to be eating Obama up inside realizing that former President Bush was right (again) when he insisted that people in the Middle East wanted freedom. They are trying to get it, and we are not helping. Iraq is a success in the establishment of freedom thanks to the Bush policies.

It seems the gander was right, and the goose is wrong yet again. Maybe I am wrong in my opening- since it appears that the goose is beginning to get a taste of what the gander got for 6 years. Do you suppose the validity of the old adage will remain in tack? Not likely, but we will see

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