Why Are Liberals So Angry?

Reading comments posted following a news story, as I often do, I was struck at the level of hateful anger being expressed. No doubt profanity would abound (as is so often the case on social media rants) if it were allowed in these comments. These comments contain few facts – most of them just angry rants where the authors resorted to name calling when their comments were challenged by anyone with facts.

I enjoy reading the comments of the readers from many sources because it gives me a more accurate picture of the mindset of the country than those endless polls with their cleverly crafted questions. The comment section of MSNBC, the most liberally biased of all major media outlets, is full of the vilest and most hate-filled commentary one can possibly find. Conservative outlets have their share of hateful commentators, but their numbers pale in comparison to the liberals. In the last few years these comments have become more hateful than at any time I can recall.

I asked myself; why are the liberals so angry?

Obama has won his second term, they still control the Senate, they control most of the media outlets, you would think they’d be happy, so why the hate? Why are the liberals so angry?

The answer came as an epiphany – liberals were angry because their leadership is a failure. The hope and change Obama promised was not the hope and change the liberals hoped for.

The country was tiring of war, the housing bubble was about to pop, and the liberal give-away party had been kept in check for almost two terms under George Bush. The liberal movement was gaining strength the last two years under Bush, and by the end of 2006 the liberals controlled both houses of Congress – all they needed now was to get the White House. Along comes Barack Obama, the cult hero who would finally give the liberals what they wanted – full control.

Now they had full control and were eager to show those stuffy Conservatives how to get this country back on track and drive off into peace and prosperity. There were endless tears of celebration and parties to mark the historic occasion when Obama took office, he was young and black, a cult hero and a liberal dream come true – who was Barack Obama – the liberals didn’t care – so who he really was didn’t matter as long as they had full control.

Yes it was only a matter of time, things were going to go back to the days of Bill Clinton- no major wars and federal budget surpluses, happy days were here again so they thought; nothing could have been further from the truth. Among Barack Obama’s many campaign promises was “to cut the deficit in half in his first term” and if he didn’t “he would be a one term president.” Neither promise was kept (along with dozens of others) it was a sign of things to come but the liberals didn’t care – it was all Bush’s fault – so Obama got a pass (for two years anyway).

But reality soon appeared, the economy was not improving, jobs were not to be had and the government charge card was in fast forward. At the same time the liberals were becoming angrier, the blame-Bush-card was getting old, and things were going so badly that many Americans (both Democrat and Republican) realized Obama’s liberal agenda was a train wreck on a fast track to disaster. There was no need for the right to say “I told you so” the liberals knew it all too well. They couldn’t take it, someone had to be blamed for this, someone, anyone but their liberal hero Obama. So the hate grew.

The fact is Obama is a failure, except to the most extreme of liberal followers and anyone who hates America. The Democrats had complete control the first 2 years of Obama’s first term; so what did they accomplish with complete control?

Let’s see:

“Obama kept the country from financial collapse” – no TARP did that (TARP was created under Bush by a joint effort with a Democratic Congress).

“Obama saved GM and millions of jobs” – no the funds for the auto bailout were available in the TARP package. Obama only managed to jamb GM and Chrysler through a crony bankruptcy court that saved the union, left investors with nothing, and the taxpayers holding GM stock worth half of what it cost.

“Obama ended the war in Iraq” –  He did but he did it within a month of the withdrawal timetable preset by the Bush Administration, but the withdrawal was done in such a reckless manor our efforts there may turn out to be a waste.

With complete control the only legislation Obama and the liberals managed to pass was Obamacare and the Stimulus package. Sadly many realized these ‘victories’ were not victories at all, the Stimulus was a complete failure and Obamacare is in certain peril, we were going the wrong way and fast. Obama was running up the Federal Deficit faster than any president in history (other than Roosevelt, but he had WWII to deal with), so after two years the House Of Representatives was given back to the Republicans to try and at least slow down this bankrupting of America.

About the same time a grass roots movement sprang up – the Constitution was being trampled by Obama and hard-earned tax money was being thrown away – the Tea Party was born. States that were on the verge of bankruptcy were tossing out liberal governors and giving state congressional control back to conservatives so fast the liberal dream-team was in full panic mode.

No wonder the liberals are angry, their agenda was failing but they couldn’t bring themselves to blame their cult hero president, and the blame-Bush-card was worn out, so what to do? Hate needed an outlet – It was time to blame the conservatives! Those bible-thumping rednecks were to blame for Obama’s failures, standing in the way of progress. Those conservatives are hateful redneck bigots and racists who hate minorities, immigrants, homosexuals, but love their guns – sound familiar?

Yes their hero Obama had tried ‘common sense’ reform and ‘compromise’ the liberals decried, but those evil Republicans won’t compromise. The truth is Obama has not compromised on any bill save one. He moved the higher tax rate line from 250k to 400k knowing he didn’t have the votes to ram it through without compromise placing the entire bill in jeopardy. To Obama Common sense, balanced approach, and compromise meant my way or you are making the American people suffer.

Nancy Pelosi stirred the pot calling the Tea Party “a terrorist organization” which was an outright lie; at Tea Party rallies there are no signs of racism or bigotry – the liberal media could not find even one instance of such (and believe me they have tried). There have been no arrests at any Tea Party rallies. Compare that behavior to the movements on the liberal side – Occupy Wall Street, the New Black Panthers, and Union rallies where lawlessness abounds.

The anger of the liberals was blinding their reasoning and they were being sucked into aligning themselves with lawlessness and perversion, turning a blind eye to corrupt organizations ACORN and Family Planning, and coming out in support of movements like Occupy Wall Street. The democratic leadership realized verbal hatred was becoming such a problem (as early as two years into Obama’s first term) calls for ‘civility’ came out in the main-stream media (of course it was those evil Republicans that weren’t being civil).

Fast forward to today. The liberals have tried (in vain) to tie the recent tragedies to the conservatives – Congresswoman Gifford, the Sandy Hook killings, the Aurora movie theater shootings – but none of these perpetrators were bible-thumpers, rednecks, or Tea Party members, they were nuts. Meanwhile the liberal hate continued to grow.

Why are the liberals so angry?

Because their cult-hero president is a failure, the liberal leadership is destroying the country; the liberals know it and are looking for someone to blame, anyone, anyone except who they elected. This hatred has spawned a radical liberal party who align themselves with questionable groups, supporting racist, communist, and those who would love nothing better than to see the United States fail.

This kind of hatred is dangerous; it gives rise to dangerous radicals like Van Jones – an avowed communist and more recently Rashad Robinson, a racist himself, and leader of Colorofchange.org, a racist organization that sets up shop in swing states creating straw-man (fictitious) injustices like voter suppression. They easily convince the already angry liberals that conservatives are trying to rig voting when in fact the exact opposite is true.

The liberals should ask themselves where people like this are getting their funding from. Just a hint – Jeremiah Wright has become a multimillionaire by preaching racial hatred. Sadly, these men and others like them want to see this country fail and the liberals are funding their efforts. Is this what liberals really want, people and organizations like this to become powerful because of their blind hatred? One can only hope not.

It’s time the Republicans and Democrats begin again  to work together, tossing aside radical liberal ideas and returning this country to its founding principles. Putting away hatred and allowing reason to become the language of compromise is the path that needs to be followed, only then will we be able to stem the tide of destruction this president has started and become prosperous, God willing.

Why are the liberals so angry?

Well if the leadership I voted for failed as miserably as this Administration has…..I would be angry too.

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  1. @Questionman
    Your reply gives credence to the article. You are angry, you are still playing the ‘its-all-Bush’s-fault’ card, and you have no facts to dispute what I have written. However, thanks for reading.

  2. Liberal is the old word. Now the same people are called progressives. These progressives exist in both parties. They stand for big government against everything that made our country great.

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